Loopy Pro, ‘The Future Of Looping’, Now Available For iOS

A Tasty Pixel has announced the availability of Loopy Pro, a live looper, sampler, sequencer, AUv3 host, DAW and AUv3 Audio Unit for iOS.

Loopy Pro is the successor to Loopy HD, but is designed to be much deeper and much more powerful.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

“You can set up Loopy Pro to work however you do, with features like hands-free looping with count-in, count-out and automatic loop detection; or “free” looping, where you can choose on-the-fly how long to make loops. There’s even retrospective recording, where you can lock in a loop after the fact.

There’s extensive MIDI controller support, including built-in support for the Launchpad and the APC40 mk2, and effortless MIDI Learn for setting up your controllers.

You can also drag-and-drop audio straight onto loops in Loopy Pro, with sophisticated tempo and pitch adjustments, and use Loopy Pro as a clip launcher, with all kinds of options for song sectioning.

The built-in mixer lets you set up insert and send effects for every channel in your project, and load AUv3 Audio Unit instruments, effects, and MIDI sequencers.

And there’s a built-in sequencer, for arranging songs, and even performing them live, totally automated and hands-free.”

You can get an in-depth preview of Loopy HD via the live demo with Dub FX, embedded above.

Pricing and Availability

Loopy Pro is available now for $29.99. The app is a free download and you can try it out for free for a week. An In-App purchase unlocks the app and gives you free updates for 1 year.