Sinevibes Brings Its Mac-Only Plugins To Windows

Developer Sinevibes has announced that its previously Mac-only effects are now also available for Windows.

“Finally, Windows users get direct access to our highly-acclaimed processing algorithms – and we can’t wait to see what they create with them!”

All of the company’s desktop plugins are now available in 64-bit AAX and VST3 versions for Windows, including:

  • Albedo – granular cloud reverb
  • Blend – multi-voice chorus
  • Corrosion – multi-algorithm distortion
  • Dipole – through-zero flanger
  • Dispersion – bouncing ball delay
  • Droplet – raindrop delay
  • Eternal – barber-pole flanger
  • Luminance – shimmer reverb
  • Rerun – self-randomizing repeater
  • Whirl – barber-pole phaser

See the Sinevibes site for details.