The 6 Best Kick Drum Sample Packs on LANDR Samples

The kick drum is one of the most basic things you need to get right in your tracks. Your track won’t bump and bounce if you don’t get the right kick drum sample.

And while it seems like a pretty simple sound—a low thud with a bit of mids, every genre has its own kick drum sound, especially with respect to how the kick will sit in the rest of the mix.

That’s why producers will say it’s not hard to sink hours and hours into finding the perfect kick sound—it takes time to find the exact sound that makes everything else in the track jump.

Of course, there’s a ton of kick drum production techniques that can be used to enhance the sound of any kick—things like compression, saturation and EQ.

But, starting with a great kick sample is always your best bet for getting the perfect kicks.

To help you find the perfect sample fast, here’s our picks for the six best kick drum samples on LANDR Samples.

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Rumbling, punchy dance floor shaking kicks are what electronic music genres like EDM, house and techno all demand.

This sample pack basically does what it says on the tin, it’s got everything you need to pick out the perfect EDM flavored kick.

You’ll find kicks for future bass, techno, dubstep, house and beyond.

To get your dance tracks thumping make sure to stop by EDM Kicks!

Our favorite sample from the pack: ESEK_EDM_Kick_Old Skool

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Of course, not all genres call for high octane, dance floor slamming kicks. Different genres call for kicks of all varieties.

Maybe you need something subtle for your lofi jam, or something crunch for your hip hop track.

Not all genres call for high octane, dance floor slamming kicks

That’s why samples packs like Just Kicks are so useful—they’re chock full of various sounds that match all kinds of genres.

And of course, it still has lots high-intensity EDM kicks too!

Our favorite sample from the pack: Kick Moon

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If you listen to electronic music from before the turn of the century chances are pretty high that the kicks and general percussion were made using an analog synth—like a Moog or an ELKA.

Don’t get it twisted just because they’re old school—kicks made with an analog synth sound amazing.

So, if you’re looking to add a vintage electronic vibe à la Kraftwerk or DEVO, definitely take some time to peruse Moog Shots.

The sample pack was almost entirely made using vintage Moog synths and features a handful of great sounding kicks that totally evoke the synth kicks of decades past.

Our favorite sample from the pack: CL_MS Bass – Oz

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Not all kicks need to be made using sound design and synths, acoustic kicks are totally great, especially when going for subdued yet punchy lofi sounds.

Acoustic kicks are totally great, especially when going for subdued yet punchy lofi sounds.

And don’t forget that sampling an acoustic kick always opens up tons of opportunities for sound design!

If you’re looking for some good acoustic kicks to samples definitely stop by the Classic Breaks and Beats sample pack.

It’s got tons of great acoustic drum parts, one-shots, breakbeats and more!

Our favorite sample from the pack: LANDR_Classic Breaks_One Shot_15 Kick

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Trap kicks always call for some specific considerations.

Since trap artists usually layer their kicks against a very subby 808s, they need to have some extra high-end to punch through and that bit of extra kick.

So, if you’re layering kicks against trap 808s, consider checking out these samples which were designed to fit within the context of trap mixes.

And of course, the pack’s got a ton of huge 808 samples too!

Our favorite sample from the pack: ESTD2_Trap_Kick_Rounded Distortion

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Here’s another great drum synth-based sample pack that uses the ELKA Drumstar-80 instead of Moog.

This vintage analog synthesizer-inspired sample pack comes with highly sought-after samples of the classic-sounding drum machine—including a handful of kick samples.

If you’ve ever wanted to use the Italian-made drum machine that inspired the italo-disco and italo-house movement of the late 80s and early 90s, definitely take a look at this pack.

Our favorite sample from the pack: ELKADistort1_6_128bpm