Function Loops Releases Xmas Free Sampler 2021 + $10 Gift Cards

Function Loops releases Xmas Free Sampler 2021, a free collection of sounds handpicked from their premium products. The company also offers a $10 gift card to all customers.

Xmas Free Sampler 2021 contains 200 one-shot samples and loops from Function Loops libraries. The download includes 11 folders, each containing a selection of sounds from a different sample pack.

The content covers a variety of music styles, including psytrance, tech house, pop, trap, and lofi hip-hop. Function Loops also provided a set of vocals that can fit a variety of music genres.

Libraries like this are always a great way to find some inspiration for your next project. Regardless of your favorite music style, you can browse the included loops and samples in search of a sound that will inspire you to create more music.

I often find that sounds from a sample pack I usually wouldn’t purchase are the ones I have the most fun using. So, if I’m working on an electronic track, I’ll experiment with hip-hop samples. It might seem counterproductive, but I’ll often load a totally random sample in Sitala and play around with MIDI and effects until I get a musical idea.

This technique often leads to more remarkable results than sticking to samples meant to be used in the same style of music I’m producing.

Anyway, label samplers like this one are a goldmine of such sounds. I’m sure you’ll find a few keepers in the Xmas Free Sampler 2021.

To download the free sounds, visit the promo page below and enter your email address. The download link will be delivered to your inbox.

Function Loops also lets you save $10 on any order. Use the coupon code XMAS10 at checkout to apply the discount.

Download: Xmas Free Sampler 2021 (349 MB download size, ZIP archive, contains 200 audio files in WAV format)

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