A Love Letter To The Moog DFAM, “One Of The Most Interesting Analog Synthesizer Products That Has Been Released In Decades’

The latest Mylar Melodies video takes an in-depth look at the Moog DFAM, ‘one of the most interesting analog synthesizer products that has been released in decades’.

Video Summary:

“Here’s a demo video explaining the Moog DFAM and why I think one of the most original, interesting analogue synths to come out in years. In it I’ll explain how it works, jam a little, pairing it with a TR08, and Mother-32 at the end!

Strangely I shot this video several years ago (March 2018 according to the files) but never got round to editing it at the time. In the spirit of better late than never – here it is now. A lot has changed since then, but then a lot has not. It’s still a very original take on subtractive synthesis, and it can teach us a lot about approaches we can take on a modular synth too (think – sequencers controlling VCA’s that control envelopes that are used to modulate parameters). And it’s still fun as hell to jam on.

PS. Spot the error when I’m talking about the noisy VCF input (actually what’s happening is the pitch sequencer CV is directly stepping the filter since whatever you put into the socket replaces the default routing).

PPS. There’s some plugin reverb on this not pictured (Valhalla Vintage Verb and Eventide Blackhole, UAD Galaxy Tape Echo)”