Apple Boxing Day deals live blog: The best iPad, Apple Watch and MacBook after Christmas sales


Apple iPad mini

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We’ve searched high and low today for great iPad deals, and so far, we have to say, they’ve been a little disappointing. The best we can find in the US is this deal at Amazon, which knocks $88 off the new 2021 12.9-inch iPad Pro – now just $1,011

In the UK, the same model iPad Pro also has a modest £40 discount, taking it down to £959.97 at Amazon

If you don’t need the Pro version, there’s also £20 off the 2021 Apple iPad mini – now £459 at Amazon

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Apple AirPods Pro 3

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This Apple Boxing Day deal is one of the best we’ve seen so far. The new, 2021 AirPods Pro are currently down to just £157 at Amazon – and are selling fast! If you don’t manage to get any in time, Very has the same deal, but limited stock and for a limited time. 

In the US, the deal is almost as good, with the very same 3rd generation 2021 AirPods Pro now just $169 at Amazon

Apple TV

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Part of B&H Photo’s after Christmas sale, you can get the 1st gen 32GB Apple TV 4K for $45 off – now just $134.95. With on-board iTunes and iCloud integration, the Apple TV 4K allows you seamlessly enjoy your existing library of music, photos, and videos. Hurry though, B&H Photo has a limited supply of stock at this price. 

Apple Smart Folio keyboard

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If you were lucky enough to get a shiny new iPad for Christmas this year, then this deal might be the one for you. This Apple Smart Keyboard Folio is currently reduced by 45% over on Amazon, taking it down to just $99! It’s compatible with the 11-inch 2nd and 3rd iPad Pro and 4th gen iPad Air.

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Apple iMac 2021

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On the hunt for a new desktop PC? B&H Photo currently has $100 off the 2021 24-inch, 512GB SSD iMac in green, taking the price down to $1,799. The super-thin design has a whole lot of power under the hood, supercharged by the M1 chip, and boasts a beautiful 24-inch 4.5K Retina display.

Over in the UK, Very currently has the yellow iMac on sale, with £80 off, you can now get the 2021 iMac with 256GB SSD for just £1,449

MacBook Pro 13

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If you’re looking to start 2022 with a brand new laptop to work on, then you’ve got some good options for savings across Apple’s MacBook range this Boxing Day. 

If you’ll be doing creative work that could tax the performance of a lesser laptop, particularly video editing, then you’ll probably want a device with Apple’s own M1 chip. We’re not seeing massive discounts on the very latest M1 Pro and M1 Max MacBook Pros, but you can get $100 off the 2020 M1-chipped MacBook Pro 13 – now $1,199.99 at Amazon in the US (that’s the laptop pictured above. You can also get $100 off one of our favourites, the lighter MacBook Air M1, which is just $899 at Amazon.

There are similar savings to be had in the UK, with the 2020 M1 MacBook pro reduced by £140 to £1,159, and the M1 MacBook Air available for £889 – a saving of 11% – also at Amazon.

AirPods Pro

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Looking for new ears to start the new year? We’re seeing plenty of after Christmas sales on Apple audio gear, even on the latest AirPod 3 earphones, which you can get for $169 in the US ($10 off) and £157 in the UK (£12 off). 

However, although the standard AirPods have received significant improvements in their third incarnation, with shorter stems, a force sensor and sweat and water resistance, we’d still recommend the AirPods Pro with their active noise cancellation, if you can stretch that little bit further – and thanks to the current post-Christmas discounts it really is only a little further. You can get these premium earphones in the US for just $179 at Amazon, which is a saving of almost $70, down from $249. In the UK you can save £52, with the AirPods Pro now £187 at Amazon.  

Prefer over-ear headphones? Apple’s AirPods Max are really very expensive, but Amazon has up to $71 off in the US, taking the price to $478. There’s a massive £100 off in the UK, getting you these luxury headphones for £449. And if you prefer speakers, Very has £10 off the Apple HomePod mini – now £89, offering brilliant sound and smart home features through connection with Siri.

Apple Watch 7

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We mentioned the Apple Watch 6 and SE earlier, and those are the Apple Watches where we’d expect to see most of the after Christmas sales offers since they have recently been superseded by the new Apple Watch Series 7 with its larger screen. But with the Apple Watch 7 only released in mid-October, it’s too early to find any deals there right? But no; Amazon’s been running occasional discounts on what’s the best Apple Watch yet, and it currently has the 41mm GPS Apple Watch Series 7 for just $339. Your only option at that price is with a green aluminium case a clover sports strap, but a saving of $60 on such a brilliant new smartwatch is pretty impressive.

We’ve not seen any discounts on the Apple Watch 7 in the UK, which is hardly surprising since the above deal is quite an exception, but as we mentioned earlier, John Lewis has £100 off the 40mm Apple Watch Serie 6 in red, now £279. Meanwhile, Amazon has savings of up to 10% on the Apple Watch SE, now £269 £249 for the 40mm GPS version and £349 £315.17 for the 44m GPS + cellular version.

Apple Magic Keyboard

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Anyone get a new iPad Pro for Christmas? Lucky you if you did. You’ll be starting the new year with one of the best tablets ever designed, ready for all kinds of creative work on the go. The latest iPad Pros can even stand in for a laptop for many people, but you’ll want to kit them out with a few accessories for that. We’ve already seen deals on the Apple Pencil below, but to use your tablet as a laptop you’ll also want a keyboard.

In our guide to the best iPad accessories, we recommend Apple’s own Magic Keyboard as the perfect option to turn your tablet into a serious productivity machine. It attaches magnetically to provide a full-size backlit keyboard and multi-touch trackpad that makes your favourite apps even easier to use. Happily for anyone looking to kit out their new Christmas present in the US, Amazon has the Magic Keyboard for the latest iPad Pro 12 reduced from $349 to $329. There’s no sign of any discounts in the UK yet, where it remains at £328.99 at Amazon, but you’ll still probably want to consider this if you’re hoping to use your iPad as a laptop.

MacBook Pro M1

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The 2020 M1 MacBook Pro is a powerhouse of a machine, and right now you can save $150 a space grey model with 256GB SSD over at B&H Photo – now just $1,349

In the UK, Amazon has an equally good deal, with the same M1 MacBook Pro model down to £1,159 – that’s a huge £140 saving. 

Apple iPad Pro 2021

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Finding a deal on the 2021 iPad Pro has been nothing short of impossible recently, so we’re pleasantly surprised to find this morning that Amazon has knocked a little bit off. Ok, so it’s only a 4% discount (£39 off), but, like we said, anything is better than nothing on these devices right now, and it takes the Pro to well under a grand. 

Head over to Amazon to get the new 2021 12.9-inch iPad Pro with 128GB storage for the unbeatable price of £959.97.  

We couldn’t find a deal on the same product in the US, but we did come across a cracking deal at Walmart on the 2020 iPad Pro version, with $270 off, it’s now down to $879.99

Apple Watch 6

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Want to be more organised in 2022? An Apple Watch can help with everything from monitoring fitness and sleep, to organising your day and, well, simply telling the time. This popular Product Red Apple Watch 6 is currently on sale at John Lewis, with a huge $100 off, it’s now just £279!

In the US, Amazon currently has a very decent 14% off the Apple Watch SE, taking this space grey model with midnight sports band down to $239.99.

Apple AirPods Pro

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AirPods were a popular gift this Christmas, but if you missed out, you’re in luck. Today we’re seeing some amazing offers on Apple’s popular in-ear headphones, which includes a modest but welcome discount on the brand new 3rd gen AirPods Pro – now just $169 at Amazon

In the UK, you can get the same brand new 3rd gen AirPods Pro now for the incredible price of just £159

Apple Pencil

(Image credit: Future)

The Apple Boxing Day deals are coming in thick and fast – hurrah! And this one from Walmart is a cracker. If a shiny new iPad made it into your stocking this year, you’re going to want an Apple Pencil to go with it, right? If so, Walmart has $30 off the Apple Pencil, taking it down to just $79. And, even better, there’s $30 off the Apple Pencil 2, now just $99

In the UK, you can get a brand new, sealed Apple Pencil on eBay for just £74.99. Sadly there are currently no deals on the Apple Pencil 2, but we’ll let you know as soon as any come up. In the meantime, you can get them on Amazon for the retail price of £119

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Apple MacBook Air 2020

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Kicking things off is this epic deal on the 2020 M1 MacBook Air, which is currently at its lowest price ever at Amazon in both the US and UK. 

In the US, you can now get the M1 MacBook Air with 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD for just $899 – that’s a huge $100 off. 

Across the pond in the UK, the deal is even slightly better, with an impressive £110 off the device, taking it down to just £889

Hello! And welcome to our Apple Boxing Day sales live blog. As we all recover from the excitement of Xmas Day, we’ve got our sights set firmly on the after Christmas Apple deals – and we’ve seen some impressive ones already. 

So, if you got a new iPad under the tree and want some cool iPad accessories, or your device of choice was a little out of Santa’s reach, don’t fret. We’ll be sifting through the best Apple Boxing Day deals, to bring you the very best the after Christmas sales has to offer.