Old School Sequencing With The Rare Oberheim DS-2A Digital Sequencer

In his latest video, synthesist Hainbach shares a look at old-school sequencing with the rare Oberheim DS-2A Digital Sequencer from 1973.

The DS-2A step sequencer is huge and very limited, compared to modern step sequencers. But like a lot of old-school gear, it was designed with a lot of flexibility.

“When I first got the Oberheim DS-2A Digital Sequencer in my studio, I got stumped – how can make this part of my whole setup?” notes Hainbach. “The connections seemed just too limited and the specs laughingly bad for 2021. Was I stuck with a museum piece? But in working with it, I realized something that made me appreciate this rare and vintage instrument from 1973.”

Is it a case of less is more? Check out the video and share your thoughts on old-school sequencers and sequencing in the comments!