This rare Nintendo Switch deal is the best so far this year

It’s a bit of an understatement to say there’s been an increase in demand for the Nintendo Switch console recently. During Black Friday and then Christmas, any hint of a deal on the popular games console was snapped up within days, if not hours. And right now in the UK, we can report a deal that equals anything we saw over the festive period. You can get the Nintendo Switch, plus Just Dance game, and save yourself £44 – that’s down from £329.99 to £285.99 over at Amazon

Deals are thinner over in the US, but to be honest you were lucky to even find available stock over Christmas. We can at least report that right now you can get the Nintendo Switch console for $299 in Walmart, while stock lasts (and we have no guarantee how long that will be).

If you want to wait to find a different bundle deal, wherever you are in the world, check out our run down of the best Nintendo Switch deals, from OLED to Switch Lite.  

The best Nintendo Switch deals: UK

The best Nintendo Switch deals: US

Not seen what you want? Here are the best places to get the best prices on the Nintendo Switch, wherever you are in the world…

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