Hi, I’m Vents137 based out of Bristol U.K. I’ve been writing since 1999 and geeking out on trains since the mid 80s. With my illustrations, I like traditional methods, hand-drawn artwork created with alcohol or xylene markers.
I’m too young to be old school and too old to be new school. I’m basically treading water somewhere in the middle trying to juggle a mix of 70s and 80s cartoons with a base of 1970s New York graffiti. I rep TUFF crew, those boys are like family, they are my peers and my mentors. Elsewhere I can be found studying the works of Jay Ward, Ralph Bakshi, Vaughn Bodé, Jack Kirby, and Robert Crumb, alongside writers such as Cliff159, Billy167, Boots119, Tracy168 and Lee Quinones to name but a few.
Give me the crackle of a 4/4 beat garage vinyl and a glitched-out VHS tape any day.

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