Bastl Softpop SP2 Synthesizer In-Depth Review

Synth guru Ziv Eliraz shared his latest loopop synth review, an in-depth look at the new Softpop SP2 synthesizer, a collaboration between Casper Electronics and Bastl Instruments.

The Softpop SP2 is a patchable synth that they describe as “a radical subtractive synth under the influence of unconventional digital control”.

Video Summary:

“SoftPop 2 is a refreshingly original semi-modular synth. While most semi-modular synths are built around a traditional linear signal flow, SoftPop 2’s normalled wiring is very abnormal – the oscillator clocks an LFO which in turn modulates the oscillator’s frequency itself. An optional “pop” modulation has the oscillator modulate the filter’s frequency, but only at certain rates and in a way that causes very digital-like “bit crush” effects based on an entirely analog circuit. It has a built-in quantizer, also inserted by default both into the signal chain and the modulation chain, and a very clever way to sequence scales.

It’s very unique – the default routing is essentially a “krell”-like patch that fades away into a normal synth, depending on oscillator and envelope looping rates.

It’s better seen and heard than written, so, all is covered in the video, where I also compare it to the original Soft Pop and discuss overall pros and cons.”

Topics covered in the video:

0:00 Intro
2:15 Overview
4:45 Why it’s original
7:25 Oscillator
7:50 PWM
8:55 Quantization
9:30 Filter
10:25 Pop/Pixel
10:45 Env/LFO
11:20 Scales
12:30 Sequencer
13:35 Step seq
14:55 Chains
15:15 Scale seq
16:10 Play modes
17:25 Temp FX
17:50 Clock sync
18:45 The Orb
19:20 Sidechain
19:55 Pop envelope
20:35 Rate push
21:10 Env osc sync
22:00 Mod thru scale
22:40 Seq length
23:10 Extra seq track
24:35 XY as xfade
25:00 “Krell” patch
26:15 vs OG Softpop
27:45 Pros & cons
30:35 Outro

Check it out and share your thoughts about the new Softpop SP2 in the comments!