The Great Wall of China gets an unsettling green makeover

Ah, the Great Wall of China – famous for its rich history and outstanding architecture. And, most recently, for being turned green by fashion house Bottega Veneta. 

The luxury fashion brand recently gave the seventh wonders of the world a makeover to celebrate the Chinese New Year, and it’s fair to say it’s left the internet somewhat divided. And us, frankly, a little perturbed. The digital installation adds bright green and orange hues to the ancient construction, with the screen switching between reading ‘Bottega Venta’ and the colourful festive Chinese message, which translates to ‘happy new year’.

Bottega Veneta shared its wild guerrilla marketing to its Instagram page just yesterday. And it has, understandably, had quite the reaction, with the overall response being quite mixed so far. Some users have been very complimentary, saying, “So much cooler than any lame tiger themed capsule that other brands are releasing,” and another calling it, “Marketing genius”. On the other hand, one user described it as “horrible” and another simply asked, “Are you guys running out of ideas?” – ouch. 

Personally, we’re not sold. There’s something about a huge digital screen and brand marketing being plastered all over ancient architecture that just doesn’t sit quite right with us, in all honesty. That said, if, as suggested by OutLander Magazine, the limited time installation does translate into a decent donation from Bottega Veneta towards the renovation and maintenance of the eastern starting point of the wall, then we guess it’s not all bad. But we can’t help such a huge brand could have come up with something a little more appropriate, let’s say.

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