Apple Watch 7 price drops to all-time low in unbeatable deal

We thought we’d seen the end of decent Apple Watch Series 7 deals, as stock of the latest Apple watch dried up after Black Friday in the US. However, over at Amazon there are two deals on the Apple Watch Series 7 that beats the very best deal we saw over Black Friday last November – you can get either the red or the green Apple Watch Series 7, down from $399 to $369

This is great news if you want the best Apple Watch and want to save a few dollars too. And it’s a welcome return to a watch that was hard to buy even at retail price over Christmas in the US. 

True, $30 isn’t the biggest deal in the world, but then we are talking about the brand new Apple Watch Series 7, which only came out late last year, so we’re happy to see any discount at this point. 

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