PS5 back in stock! Here’s where you can get a console today

Don’t miss GameStop’s PS5 restock, the first of 2022. The US retailer has a limited number of PlayStation 5 consoles and is selling them in-store today only. The hitch? You need to be in person and show proof you’re a GameStop Pro member. 

If you want to stay on track with all the latest PS5 restock news and prices, and don’t want to chance it with GameStop’s limited events or pay for Pro, then we have everything tracked. If you don’t get a PS5 today, keep coming back to us as we’ll have all the latest news on the best PS5 deals, PS5 restock and prices as they break.

Still want to try and get a console during today’s PS5 restock? Don’t worry, it’s easy to get a GameStop Pro membership, which costs $14.99 and offers monthly dollar rewards, money off purchases, as well as exclusive access to events – such as a today’s PS5 restock. Cheeky? Yes, but if you really want a PS5 paying $15 dollars for access could be a bargain. But there’s no guarantee you’ll get a PS5. 

If you do want to take a gamble on GameStop, you’ll also need to find a participating store, and get down there before opening time. Not all GameStop stores will have stock, and what is there will sell fast.

It’s worth noting, GameStop is only selling bundles (likely coming pre-packaged with a game, extra pad, and PS Plus subscription), so expect to pay more than the recommended $499.99. Also, there’s no guarantee which PS5 model will be in stock today – it could be the cheaper PS5 Digital Edition.

The UK also has rumours of a PS5 restock drop, as retailer Argos is set to offer the sort-after-console sometime between January 25th to 28th, from 8AM UK time. (Confirmed via Twitter.) We believe this will be for both disc and digital consoles, and to get a PS5 you’ll need to through the store’s Click & Collect system. 

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