YO! I write Dasco for 14 – 15 years ago and I´m from the Canary Islands.

In the beginning, my influences were the usuals as SEEN, CAN2, BATES, and a few more original writers I found in books and of course the movement in my city.
Nowadays I take my inspiration from whole countries and his Graffiti movements. Freedom of forms and colors from Germany and France, technique and clean works from Italy or Netherlands, the wild calligraphy of South America, and many things from worldwide.

Now my purpose is to take influences not related to the graffiti because sometimes simple things like the Logos and Colors in mi daily routines have a lot of potentials to be included in my walls so that´s it!

About my own style is a combination of being bombing for many years and always have a passion for arts and big productions. This allows me to do a few different things like portraits, wildstyles, calligraphy… always trying to put my soul in it.

Thanks to Bombing Science for having me! And remember… if you grow up and You still Paint every day but don´t have love, respect, or responsibilities for this culture and its writers sorry big man but You´re still a fucking TOY … WORD!!

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