Working With Free Spitfire Audio LABS Virtual Instruments

We previously covered several of the free virtual instruments created by Spitfire Audio, but their preview videos are primarily teasers.

Reader Mark Barkan shared this video, going much more in depth, and offering his thoughts on how to get the most out of them.

See the Spitfire site to preview and download their free instruments.

Topics covered:

00:00:00 Intro & Overview
00:01:04 Spitfire
00:03:32 LABS Site
00:05:20 Example Piece
00:08:46 Good & Bad
00:11:48 Reverb Warning
00:12:47 Spitfire Manager
00:15:47 LABS Interface
00:23:39 Composing Basics
00:24:00 Freeform Part
00:25:16 Getting used to Music
00:26:11 The Notes
00:29:12 Chords
00:33:22 Structured Part
00:34:35 Chord Progression
00:36:50 Movement with Flow
00:40:57 Bass
00:42:52 Guitar
00:47:14 Drums
00:50:26 Strings
00:53:36 Arrangement
00:59:53 Conclusion