Check Out Louisville’s ‘Ambient Experience’, The Event That Neither A Global Pandemic Or The Most Destructive Wildfire In Colorado’s History Could Stop

Two years ago, a group of Louisville, Colorado-based synthesists started planning Ambient Experience 2021 – an event designed to combine live performances of electronic music with visual art, to create an immersive ambient experience.

Then, the global pandemic happened. So the event, originally intended to be a live performance at the Louisville Center for the Arts, had to evolve into a streaming show, to adjust to the constraints imposed by COVID-19.

Then, on Dec 30th, 2021, the Marshall Fire, described as the ‘most destructive fire in Colorado history’, blew through Boulder County, killing several people and destroying over 1,000 homes and other structures in Louisville, Superior and other areas.

Louisville electronic musician Mark Mosher shared his family’s harrowing experience of the fire. “We had about an hour and half to evacuate. Trying to get our 3 cats into the cat carrier, after fanatically packing – which freaked them out – was quite a feat.” Mosher and his family had to leave their house for three days. But the fire spared their home.

“We were so lucky,” says Mosher. “The fire came within 1,000 feet of our house, and there were hotspots in our block. So many of our community were less fortunate and lost everything.”

In response to the fire, the artists, all from Louisville, and the Louisville Cultural Council decided to use the event as a fundraiser to support the Boulder County Wildfire Fund. The organization is working directly with the official Disaster Assistance Center and has already distributed funds to 1,400 families and individuals impacted by the fire.

You can watch Ambient Experience 2021 via the embed above. Here’s what organizers shared about the event:

Originally intended as a live event with an audience at the Louisville Center for the Arts and supported with an arts grant from the Louisville Cultural Council, we had to change our plans to adjust to the constraints imposed by COVID-19. We chose to record our performances at the Louisville Center for the Arts and prepare a video streaming premiere for everyone to enjoy safely.

0:00 Mark Mosher
20:21 Moss Pig
50:42 monoscene

Since we recorded these performances, our community in Boulder County experienced a traumatic event known as the Marshall Fire. The event has deeply affected our entire community and all of us as members of this community.

In order to support those who are affected by these tragic events, we kindly ask you to consider a donation to the Boulder County Wildfire Fund.

Thank you very much for your generosity,

Christoph Scholtes
Mark Mosher
Malia Martinez
Victor Martinez