Zaseh – I don’t consider myself an artist. In general, I don’t consider graffiti to be an art, although there are a lot of talented guys out there. For me it is a way to enjoy, suffer misfortunes, go cold, get fines, connect with people.

I have grown up seeing different graffiti scenes in Spain, from an urban to a more rural one. I made my first tags around 99, where I was fascinated with La Sierra crew, in particular with Lama, Joke, Neal, Freg.. I have been active since 2006, always trying to alternate surfaces, styles, not to stagnate.

Big references for me are Zurdo (Caribes) and Sebas Velasco and my friends Hiser, Maes, Freg, Allwork, Wios, Saves, Sumer and many more people who made my days.
I don’t want to get anything from this, just enjoy it with friends.

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