Grindland Extras: “Burnside and Lincoln City Session” Video

  • 1/17/2022

    Grindland Extras: “Red and Monk Hit the Turf” Cartoon by The Larb

    Grindland Extras: "Red and Monk Hit the Turf" Cartoon by The Larb

    A hilarious Hellride from Seattle to Milwaukee gets the Larb animation treatment. Believe it!

  • 1/14/2022

    “Grindland – Red, Monk and the Birth of DIY” Full Movie

    “Grindland – Red, Monk and the Birth of DIY” Full Movie

    From the early days of Burnside to 2019’s Rip Ride Rally, this film explores the friendship, struggle, triumph and tragedy of DIY pioneers Mark Scott and Mark Hubbard –– true iconoclasts hellbent on building the skateparks of their dreams. Watch this with your friends.

  • 1/10/2022

    “Grindland” Official Trailer

    "Grindland" Official Trailer

    Thrasher’s first full-length documentary, “Grindland” is the story of Mark Scott and Mark Hubbard, two visionary skaters from the Pacific Northwest who, along with dedicated friends, kickstarted the modern DIY/concrete skatepark revolution. Premiering this Friday, Jan.14th on all Thrasher channels

  • 12/30/2021

    MASHER: Ohio

    MASHER: Ohio

    Gregson hits Skatopia and one of the world’s biggest pits in hot pursuit of Kevin Kowalski, Tom Schaar and Tristan Rennie.

  • 12/28/2021

    Creature’s “Gangreen” Premiere Photos

    Creature's "Gangreen" Premiere Photos

    The Creature horde premiered their brutal new vid to an all-star audience in Vista. Peep the pics to see who walked the green carpet.