Teenage Engineering Intros Line I/O Module For OP-Z Synthesizer

Teenage Engineering has introduced a new hardware expansion module for the OP-Z synthesizer, Line.

The line module is designed to bring external audio signals in and out of your OP–Z. It adds a stereo line input and an additional stereo line output to the unit, as well as input and output for MIDI, trig and PO sync, similar to oplab.

You can use line in to add external audio signals to your mix and use line out as a second stereo output available within OP–Z.

You can route individual tracks to the module output instead of to the main mix to separate and process the individual tracks, or make effect loops with your favorite effect pedals. Depending on your needs, you can switch between mono and stereo signals.

The output can also be used for headphone cueing of your tracks before bringing them out to the main mix.

TE says that the new Line module will be available Spring 2022. Pricing is to be announced.