1010Music Fireball & Lemondrop Nanobox Synth Review

The latest Sonic Lab video takes a look at the new nanobox ‘pocket polysynths’ from 1010music.

Sonic State’s Gaz Williams takes a look at the fireball, an eight-voice wavetable synthesizer. And Editor Nick Batt takes a look at the lemondrop, a four-voice granular synth.

Check out the review, and share your thoughts on the new nanobox synths in the comments!

Topics covered:

00:00 Intro
2:30 Connections screen and SD card
5:00 Sounds Lemondrop
07:23 modulation
08:30 UI and Navigation
09:39 Sounds Fireball
11:05 Lemondrop audio files and live input
12:40 Fireball Wavetables from SD Card
14:27 Interchangeable Firmware?
15:25 more sounds and comments
20:00 Conclusions