Hi. I’m Benji’s, I live in a little town near Turin in north Italy and I’m doing graffiti since 2007.

My first big inspiring writer was Blef from Genoa, but nowadays with the socials and the possibility to get in touch with many different and powerful styles, I really admire so many graffiti writers.

Some of my favorites are Meats, Biatch, Spuk, Plus, and Motick, but there are actually too many to make a simple list.

About my style, I’m trying to keep it simple and to focus on a few details and effects to learn them well and bring them to the next step.

What I really like about graffiti it’s the possibility that leaves you to do whatever you want in the way you want. This brings an infinite amount of different styles and in my opinion, that’s one of the best parts of it.

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