Get 89% OFF SSL Native FlexVerb @ Plugin Boutique

Plugin Boutique offers a massive 89% discount on the SSL Native FlexVerb reverb effect. FlexVerb from SSL (usually €296.77) is available now for just €31.94 during the sale.

This offer will be available until March 7th and comes at a time when Plugin Boutique is also running various 10th Anniversary promotions.

SSL Native FlexVerb is often discussed as one of the most flexible reverb plugins available. I know that’s kind of given away in the title, but not all plugins that promise flexibility actually deliver it.

The thing that you will see sets it apart from a typical reverb straight away is the pretty advanced EQ section.

With a typical Reverb, you might get high-frequency/low-frequency roll-off, but not this level of precision.

It’s a six-band SSL EQ with LF/Mid/HF Multiplier controls and LF/HF crossover controls. As well as being able to fine-tune the EQ curve, the Multipliers let you multiply the decay of the tail for the given frequency range.

To the right of the EQ section is a powerful sidechain compressor that will attenuate the reverb whenever the dry signal crosses the threshold. The compressor offers multiple settings and could be very useful on vocals (amongst other things). The best thing about the compressor being integrated within the reverb plugin is simplifying your workflow. It doesn’t just save time; it means it’s less likely to go wrong.

There are four algorithmic reverb types, including Room, Hall, Plate, and Chamber. One of the key features of FlexVerb is the independently selectable early/late reflection types. It’s a feature that lets you be really specific about the character or extent of character that you want to pull from your reverb type.

Other handy features are a lockable dry/wet mix control, the more extreme infinite reverb switch, and the reverb tail kill switch.

I like the GUI; it seems straightforward with the combination of faders and the EQ section. More importantly, it looks like you could get the right results quickly.

Personally, this is one of the offers that I’ll be grabbing and adding to the very few SSL products I have. While this offer runs till March 7th, don’t forget the 10th Anniversary Sale ends on February 28th.

I say this after missing a pretty sweet deal on XLN Audio’s RC-20 Retro Color, which I hope some of you got!

FlexVerb is available in 64-bit AU, VST2, VST3, and AAX formats for macOS (10.12 and higher) and Windows (7, 8, 8.1, and 10). Please note that an iLok user account is required to authorize the software.

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