Win A Vintage Minimoog Model D Signed By Herb Deutsch

The Bob Moog Foundation, an independent non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the legacy of Bob Moog and his work, has launched a new fundraising raffle, featuring a fully-restored vintage Minimoog synthesizer, signed by pioneering synthesist Herb Deutsch.

Deutsch collaborated with Bob Moog in the 1960’s on the development of the early Moog modular systems and is recognized as co-inventor of the Moog modular.

The raffle launched February 9th, to commemorate Deutsch’s 90th birthday, and runs through March 7th, 2022, 11:59pm ET, or when all 4,500 tickets sell out. The funds raised by the raffle support the Foundation’s mission, including projects like Dr. Bob’s SoundSchool and the Moogseum.

The Minimoog featured in the raffle is serial number 11,535, built at Moog Music’s Cheektowaga, NY factory during the late 1970s. It has an estimated value of $10,000. Due to the highly coveted nature of this archetypal synthesizer, and the iconic signature from Herb Deutsch, it is likely to increase in value.

This Minimoog has been meticulously restored by synthesizer technician Wes Taggart of Analogics, who also crafted its new custom walnut cabinet enclosure. It is in excellent technical and physical condition.

“The Bob Moog Foundation is thrilled to offer this rare Minimoog synthesizer signed by Herb Deutsch on the occasion of his 90th birthday,” remarked Executive Director, Michelle Moog-Koussa. “We honor Herb for his undeniable place in synthesizer history, as the catalyst who inspired Bob Moog to design the very first Moog synthesizer. Bob could not have achieved his pioneering work without Herb’s ongoing careful guidance and insight, starting with their work together in the summer of 1964, and lasting for decades thereafter. We hope the lucky winner of this Minimoog will be deeply inspired by this rare piece of history.”

Tickets for the raffle available now for $20 each, six for $100, 14 for $200, or 40 for $500.

Note: Proceeds from the raffle support The Bob Moog Foundation. The Foundation is independent 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization and is not affiliated with Moog Music, Inc.