Superbooth 22 Tickets Now Available

Superbooth organizers have announced that tickets for both SUPERBOOTH22 and SOOPERgrail are now available.

The Superbooth international trade fair for electronic musical instruments will take place in spring again, over three days, from May 12-14, at FEZ-Berlin.

The area surrounding the FEZ-Berlin offers outdoor exhibition tents, bungalows, concert and presentation stages in a spacious park area. 150 exhibitors are planning to participate, showcasing their electronic musical instruments and related gear.

SOOPERgrail Guitar Festival

This year, there will also be SOOPERgrail, an independent trade fair dedicated to the art of guitar building. SOOPERgrail will have its own stage for concerts and presentations inside. Guests of SUPERBOOTH22 are welcome at SOOPERgrail, but only the SUPERBOOTH22 ticket is valid for the larger exhibition area of SUPERBOOTH22.

Due to the pandemic, ticket contingents remain limited for the time being. All tickets are valid for the respective trade fair areas and event days, without restrictions from 10 am to 7 pm as well as for the evening program.

Here are the details:

SUPERBOOTH22 // 12.-14. May 22:
One-day Ticket 35 EUR, discounted 25 EUR (THU, FRI, SAT)
Three-day Ticket 90 EUR, discounted 70 EUR (THU, FRI & SAT)

SOOPERgrail // 13. & 14. Maiy 2022:
One-day Ticket 18 EUR, discounted 15 EUR (FRI or SAT) Two-day Ticket 30 EUR, discounted 25 EUR (FRI & SAT)

Tickets are available at the event site.