vPlayer 3 Is A FREE VST/AU Plugin Host By Digital Brain Instruments

Digital Brain Instruments releases vPlayer 3: A VST/AU host for macOS and Windows.

vPlayer 3 is a standalone application that allows you to test VST/AU instruments quickly, without needing a DAW.

There are a few reasons you might want to use vPlayer 3 to play your virtual instruments. For a start, if an idea comes to you, and you want to hear how it sounds on a specific without the hassle of loading a new DAW project. Obviously, this applies to the many virtual instruments that don’t have standalone functionality.

Beyond saving a bit of time, it’s also nice to keep things as simple as possible if all you want to do is jam a little. Especially if jamming with friends or using more than one instrument/controller, a simple host is often far less tedious than your DAW.

Performing live is another situation where many people want to access virtual instruments, but not necessarily through their DAW. That’s why things like Apple Mainstage and Audioström LiveProfessor are so popular.

vPlayer 3 allows up to four VST/AU instruments at one time, which is great for jamming (or throwing on a cape and pretending you’re Rick Wakeman, which I’ve never done). You can assign each of the four instruments to a different controller.

Along with a Master EQ, you can also add one VST/AU effect per instrument. You can even record up to 192kHz, so it’s promising for capturing ideas quickly.

vPlayer 3 is the newest version of the straightforward host application from Digital Brain Instruments. This release comes with some significant improvements over previous versions.

It highlights an improved audio engine, improved preset system, and an improved recording system.

There’s also enhanced compatibility with support for VST3 and Apple M1.

Everything about a product like this seems promising. You get a streamlined workflow with access to everything you need at the time. If there is a downside, in theory, some of these host products can be a bit buggy and not function as smoothly as they should.

I can’t say that applies to vPlayer 3 yet; time will tell. But, a product like this that does exactly what it’s meant to do and does it for free could be very cool!

Download: vPlayer 3