What’s up I write FUEGO out of the West Coast of the United States. My crews are KND, SLUTS, SOB & I2W. I have been writing for about 18 years already. I started painting in 2004 after watching Style Wars. I can say the movie got me hooked after that. In 2005 I needed a name and wanted a original name no one had. At the time I was working at a El Pollo Loco and they had this sauce called “Fuego Sauce”. I went home and googled it to make sure the name wasn’t taken. From then I started trying to get up as much as I could. Stickers, tags, scribes, bombs etc. Anything graffiti related. It’s hard to say which writers I really was influenced by after all the years. But I’d have to say CanTwo of course, Bates and i can’t think of the rest . I always loved the simple old school styles with structure. Being around the LA graffiti styles it also had a influence of course. I have a mixed influence I’d say. Always tried to keep it to my own ideas and be original as much as I could. But you always get ideas from other pieces you see. Shout out to all my homies and everyone that likes my graff and thanks for the opportunity BombingScience.

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