The best wedding fonts in 2022

Whether you’re looking for a wedding font for your own big day or designing for someone else, you’ll want to get it right. Save the dates and invitations are often the first items to set the tone for a wedding, so finding a font you love, that suits the celebration is an important task – and a fun one, too!

Creating your own invites and indeed the rest of your wedding stationery from table plan and numbers through to menus and thank you cards needn’t be a costly element of your big day – you can do it yourself. There are tons of fantastic free fonts for designers, with a plethora of handwriting fonts that tend to lend themselves to weddings. 

Below, we’ve rounded up some our favourite wedding fonts that should look good across a range of designs. Most of them are free, but there are a few paid-for options included, too. Once you’ve picked the perfect font, why not go one further and create your own logo to use throughout the wedding? Try a free logo maker if you’re stuck for inspiration. And if you need an app to help you bring your designs to life, see our best graphic design software roundup.

01. Autography 

Hendra Pratama

(Image credit: Hendra Pratama)

Get Autography for free from

This beautiful front looks like it has been inked straight from an expensive fountain pen. The smooth upright signature style lends itself well to wedding use as it gives a classic, romantic look but is perfectly legible too. It’s free for non-commercial use, too! 

02. Stay Classy 

Hendra Pratama

(Image credit: Hendra Pratama)

Get Stay Classy for free from Pixelify

This contemporary handwritten font packs a lot of punch thanks to its simple lines and elegant loops. Stay Classy is a free download and makes a great wedding font as it’s legible as a body text as well as a headliner – so can be used for entire invitations and menus, for example. 

03. Loki 

Krisjanis Mezulis and Leva Mezule

(Image credit: Krisjanis Mezulis and Leva Mezule )

Download Loki for free from Wild Picks

Loki would make a great font for a modern fuss-free wedding. We love the strong sans serif base of this classy brush script. It’s a free download for personal and non-commercial use but if you need small caps you can buy the extended kit. 

04. Restora 

Nasir Udin

(Image credit: Nasir Udin )

Download Restora for free from Pixel Surplus 

The combination of beautiful letterforms and old-style serif makes Restora a standout font. It’s formal but with a twist, perfect for black-tie weddings. The free download comes with a mixture of weights, so it’s suitable to use throughout your wedding.

05. Mustache

All Free Fonts

(Image credit: All Free Fonts )

Download Mustache from free from All Free Fonts 

Mustache is a wonderful, impactful handwritten script font that’s perfectly suited to wedding use. The free download included three separate fonts: Brush, Smooth and Rounded – we particularly like the Brush for an extra special touch. 

06. Adelio Darmanto 

Keithzo (7NTypes)

(Image credit: Keithzo (7NTypes))

 • Download Adelio Darmanto for free from Da Font

This sweet, playful font comes complete with hearts to dot the i’s – perfect for a fun wedding celebration. The complete font suitcase is free to download, complete with numbers, making it perfect for everything from invites through to table numbers. 

07. Besotted Love 

Mila Garret

(Image credit: Mila Garret )

 • Download Besotted Love for $22 from Creative Market

If you’re looking for a luxurious wedding calligraphy font, you’re going to be smitten with Besotted Love – it’s a real showstopper. Priced at $22 for a desktop license, it includes a full set of uppercase swash letters, as well as beginning and ending lowercase swashes, for a full signature handwritten look. 

08. Hiatus


(Image credit: Khurasan )

Download Hiatus for free from Creative Tacos 

Couples who have decided to have their wedding their way, will love Hiatus – it’s a clear, modern brushed handwritten font which looks care-free, but is also beautiful. A free download, it contains uppercase, lowercase, number, punctuation and symbols, so will work on wedding websites through to teepee tent numbers! 

09. Sauvage

Sweetest Goods

(Image credit: Sweetest Goods )

Download Sauvage for $15.20 from Creative Market 

This elegant, art deco-inspired serif font with beautiful alternate characters and creative ligatures is perfect for a distinguished wedding celebration. A desktop license currently costs $15.20 and that includes four free logos – perfect if you want to create something to personalise all of your wedding designs.  

10. Hello Honey 

Ef Studio

(Image credit: Ef Studio )

Download Hello Honey from $15 at Creative Market

One for the romantics, hello honey is a beautiful chic script that lends itself to weddings perfectly. Featuring connecting hearts, uppercase beginning swash and lowercase beginning and ending swash, it’s perfect for everything from Save The Date cards through to table plans. 

11. Creative Vintage 

Blessed Print

(Image credit: Blessed Print )

Download Creative Vintage for $20 at Creative Market 

We love this quirky font – a modern serif with vintage charm, fashionable look and just the right amount of retro styling. We can see it working well for alternative weddings. There are three fonts under the banner, that fit perfectly with each other, giving you everything you need for all your wedding designs. A desktop licence costs $20. 

12. Kimburgery

wedding font Kimburgery

(Image credit: Salamahtype Project)

Download Kimburgery for free from Creative Tacos

There’s a lot to love about this Serif font: authentic, distinctive, and just rather lovely – perfect for a wedding modern wedding. The whole font suitcase is a free download and lends itself to a full brand for your wedding. 

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