Positive Grid downsizes Spark smart guitar amp with battery-powered Mini

Back in 2019, Positive Grid launched an extraordinary practice amp for guitarists called the Spark. We got to take one for review last year and were mighty impressed. Now the company has launched a Mini version with a built-in battery for play anywhere portability.

Like the Spark 40-watt combo amp, the Mini boasts amp and effects modeling that’s based on Positive Grid’s acclaimed BIAS software emulations, with 33 amp models and 43 effects included and more than 10,000 presets available via the company’s online ToneCloud community.

The portable combo amp also works with a mobile companion app over Bluetooth, and there are jam tracks available too, but a Live element has been added where the amp will use machine learning to automatically generate bass a drum patterns in real time based on the player’s style and intensity.

The app can feed learners chord shapes of songs selected for playback, and tricky sections can be slowed down or looped until the section can be played at full tempo. And if you feel like sharing an inspired performance with friends over social media, the app can shoot a video and upload it directly.

The Spark Mini tips the scales at just 3.3 lb, and is battery powered for play anywhere portable ease
The Spark Mini tips the scales at just 3.3 lb, and is battery powered for play anywhere portable ease

Positive Grid

The 5.76 x 4.84 x 6.49-in (146.5 x 123 x 165-mm), 3.3-lb (1.5-kg) portable smart amp comes with an integrated battery that’s reckoned good for up to eight hours of per-charge use. And Positive Grid reckons that bass players can plug in their thunder machine too.

Within the glass fiber housing wrapped in black or pearl Tolex are two 2-inch angled full-range speakers driven by a 10-W Class D amplifier for multidirectional immersive sound, and Positive Grid has thrown in a downward-facing passive radiator for “tight and punchy bass performance never before heard in an amp this size.” And if you don’t like the color of the grille, swapouts are available.

There’s a USB audio interface for hooking up the practice amp to a computer running music production software, custom onboard EQ presets can be dialed in and of course, as it rocks Bluetooth connectivity, the Mini can serve as a portable wireless speaker for streaming tunes from a mobile device.

The Spark Mini is currently showing as going up for pre-order in March, and comes bundled with a free download of ProSonus Studio One Prime recording software. Pricing is yet to be revealed. The video below has more.

Spark MINI – Small is the new powerful.

Product page: Spark Mini