Behringer Intros $99 Pro VS Soul Mini-Synth, Inspired By Classic Sequential Prophet VS

Behringer today introduced the Pro VS Soul synthesizer, a new mini-synth that’s inspired by the classic Sequential Circuits Prophet VS Digital Vector Synthesizer.

The Behringer Pro VS Soul is less of a direct copy than many of their previous synths, instead using classic vector synthesis as the sound engine for a mini-synth, with a form factor that’s closer to Korg’s volca series than most other mini-synths.

Here’s what Behringer has to say about the Pro VS Soul:

“PRO VS. Polyphonic 4-Voice Hybrid Vector Synthesizer with Presets and full Midi implementation modeled after the Prophet VS from 1986 but with many extra functions. This little monster has 127 wave tables and 32 presets plus sequencer, arpeggiator and display with oscilloscope.

Development is completed and once we receive chips it’ll go straight into production.

Estimated price US$ 99.”

Details on availability and specifications are to be announced.