We absolutely love this Batman Google Easter egg

Batman has been taking the internet by storm with the upcoming release of the next movie. Fans have been going wild for the official movie posters riddled with Easter eggs, and now even Google is joining in the bat-mania with this brilliant animation.

Aside from being the biggest search engine in the world, Google is known for its quirky Google Doodles where it updates its homepage with an endearing, and sometimes interactive, logo redesign. Now, this bat-themed Easter egg is a little better hidden than the other Doodles, but it’s just as cool. If you’re enjoying this piece, then you’ll love our roundup of our favourite Google Doodles

If you search Bruce Wayne, Bat-Signal or Gotham City in Google, you should see a mini Bat-Signal animation on your screen. Simply click it and your search will transform into the Gotham City nightscape with the famous Bat-Signal lighting the sky. Fans are even treated to a little cameo from the anti-hero (see below). 

A screenshot of the Batman Google Doodle

The masked hero will fly across you screen  (Image credit: Future)

We love this little detail, and it certainly is getting us excited for the movie. The marketing for the film so far has been excellent with its ingenious UV Easter egg and the latest Riddler X Batman Poster. We just hope that the movie is as good as its marketing campaign.

This isn’t the first time we have been loving a Google Doodle. Back when we were first put in lockdown, Google shared its genius social distancing-themed Doodle. And we recently found out that the Google logo itself is jam-packed full of hidden meanings. 

If you’re feeling inspired by all this Easter egg talk and want to create your own poster, then why not have a look at our roundup of the best online poster maker? Or if you’d rather start from scratch, then make sure you check out the best Adobe Creative Cloud discount

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