Blackstar Studio Reverb Library + REmatrix Player FREE For One Week Only

Overloud Audio Tools offers the Blackstar Studio Reverb Library and REmatrix Player FREE for one week only. The offer expires on March 7th, 2022.

Let’s start with REmatrix; it’s a convolution reverb that lets you combine five impulse responses. Parallel reverb isn’t new, but REmatrix provides a clean and easy way to do it.

Mixing up to five different IRs in five parallel convolvers gives far greater control over the reverb and its effect on your tone. To over-simplify it, we could say with many reverb plugins; you can manipulate the space/room. With REmatrix, it’s more like you are building the room from scratch to your exact taste.

Again, while it’s not an entirely new concept, doing it all from one plugin is very attractive.

REmatrix Player has basic editing capabilities, but the full version (currently €149.99 on sale) features an FX section with Modulation, Drive, Compression, and EQ. So, once you’ve laid out your foundations, you can fine-tune the reverb’s texture.

The Blackstar Studio IR Collection comes with 40 IRs, designed to recreate the location.

Every room has been sampled, including the bathroom, which is far less unusual than it might sound. Bathrooms and similar spaces are often a source of creative expression, whether capturing the unique reflections in a vocal recording or going full-crazy like Joe Meek.

Joe Meek famously asked The Honeycombs (Have I The Right) to stand in the bathtub and stomp because he didn’t feel the kick drum had the right impact. It’s a great example of the golden rule in music: if it sounds good, it’s right.

Blackstar Recording Studio in Milan is packed with vintage gear and instruments. If you have a look at their equipment, you’ll see names like Manley and Binson; speaking of Binson, Pulsar Echorec (based on the Binson Echorec 2) has 71% off till March 10th.

I noticed a couple of things about Blackstar Recording Studio that have no relevance at all to this article. First, their vintage synth collection makes me want to throw mine away! Secondly, the physical address begins Via Mac Mahon, which instantly made me laugh and think of Vince McMahon and being a very young kid who loved the WWE (then WWF).

Random nostalgia aside, it looks like a pretty awesome studio, and if the IR collection does it justice, it’s a winner.

Add to that the flexibility of REmatrix, and downloading for free is an absolute no-brainer; don’t miss it.

If you download REmatrix Player and enjoy it, you should check out some of the other IR collections currently on sale for €39 each, instead of the usual €79.

Download: Blackstar Studio Reverb Library (FREE until March 7th, 2022)