Gorgeous Custom Nintendo Inspired Synthesizer, The NES-SY37

Designer and craftsman Love Hultén shared this video demo of his latest creation, the NES-SY37, a custom synthesizer design, inspired by the classic Nintendo Entertainment System.

The NES-SY37 takes characteristic elements from the NES console and combines them with a Commodore SX-64 portable. Inside, you’ll find a polyphonic NES Poly Chiptune Synthesizer (Arcano), accompanied by a spring reverb and the hapiNES L (Twisted Electronics), a 4 voice multi-track chiptune synth inspired by the RP2A07 sound chip from the original Nintendo console.

The keyboard uses a NES 7pin port for connection and controls the polyphonic synth, but it also triggers a custom real-time MIDI visualizer, made in collaboration with artist p1xelfool. The 800×600 LCD can also be used for gaming, as the NES-SY37 accepts NES cartridges and a second 7pin port allows for Nintendo controllers.

See Hultén’s site for details and more images.