I’m spare, writing since 2010 i started alone and quickly met my partner in crime « kreol », at the beginning i was fascinated by letters, vandal pieces and with time i started to appreciate abandoned places or legal walls where i can enjoy what i am doing and discover cool places.

I met my first real crew in 2017 when i had the great opportunity to join the SH.1 and TNR crew with all my mentors like EFAC ELOCK CYZO MAED1 SOWE SILK ..

My style and what i think about graffiti is always letters first and nothing else, visibility is necessary, a mix between old school and new school is perfect, i started recently doing characters but letters are definitely more important to me.

I appreciate a lot of painting alone and don’t realy appreciate « jam » or too much people on the same wall, i like to paint and nothing else.

At last i thanks all the people, my family, my crew for the support it is a strong and serious motivation to me.

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