Ukraine is getting aid from these NFTs

The conflict in Ukraine has shocked the world, but this week has seen artists from around the world support the civilians of the country by raising money for charities that aim to help those in the war-torn country.

The new non-fungible technology has split opinion in the art world, but its ability to raise money fast and in an open manner on blockchains where everyone can trace where the charitable donations are going is proving important. If you want to know more about what are NFTs, read our guide.

Below we’ve rounded-up the headline-grabbing projects created to raise money for good causes and help the people of Ukraine who are suffering. These campaigns followed a call from the Ukraine government for crypto donations, which to date have exceeded $52 million, helped by the donation of CryptoPunk #5364 worth an estimated $230,000.

01. UkraineDAO

Ukraine conflict NFT: an NFT of the Ukraine flag

(Image credit: UkraineDAO)

The UkraineDAO fundraiser has been designed to raise awareness and money for the world’s current humanitarian crisis. It is backed by Nadya Tolokonnikova, a member of Russian activist group Pussy Riot, and has raised over $6.7 million to support Ukraine’s military since launch. 

The NFT of the Ukraine national flag enabled buyers to own a piece of the digital image. All profits from the NFT sale go to the ‘Come Back Alive’ campaign set up to aid Ukraine’s defences.

Find out more about UkraineDAO here

02. Waone Interesni Kazki

Ukraine conflict NFT: art by Waone Interesni Kazki

(Image credit: Waone Interesni Kazki)

Surrealist Waone Interesni Kazki is one of Ukraine’s most famous artists and the custodians, A Gallery, of his work are selling NFTs of the artist’s most famous paintings to support the people of Ukraine. 50% of the money raised will go towards funding Ukraine’s defence and medical supplies via Ukrainian war charities.

The target is to raise $7,000 from NFTs of paintings such as The Seed of a Good Idea, Beta to Alpha Transition and Prisoned Mind. These are 1/1 edition NFTs, and currently each is for sale at around $290 / £220.

Find out more about Waone Interesni Kazki NFT here

03. Holy Water

Ukraine conflict NFT: a photo of many art works

(Image credit: Holy Water)

Over 500 Ukrainian artists have gathered to submit art to a new NFT collection sold via Holy Water (60% of the marketplace’s team live in Kyiv) to raise money for the people of Ukraine. The artists represent some of the biggest galleries in Ukraine, including Port Agency, IZOLYATSIA and Ugallery.

As well as accepting art from professionals the Beeple-like NFT collage will feature art created by children in the bomb shelters. Each NFT will have a starting bid of 0.08 Ethereum ($235 / £170). The aim is to raise at least $1 million.

Find out more about the Holy Water NFTs here

There are more NFT campaigns appearing daily, and the Ukraine government is set to launch its own NFT collection to raise money. With so much happening the founder of Ukraine’s crypto exchange Kuna created a way to donate directly, while the artist pan_danil launched a Twitter space to organise campaigns and donations around.

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