Steinberg Intros Cubase 12 – Here’s What’s New

Steinberg has introduced Cubase 12, a major update that they say adds significant new features and workflow enhancements.

Updates in Cubase 12 include enhanced controller support, new pitch and timing correction options, new effects, workflow improvements and more.

Here’s what’s new in Steinberg Cubase 12:

  • Enhanced Logical Editors for a more customizable experience [Pro]
  • Raiser: The powerhouse limiter for the final touch [Pro]
  • Pro improvements from the post-production system Nuendo [Pro]
  • FX Modulator breathes new life into your sounds [Pro?Artist]
  • Verve: A beautifully atmospheric felt piano [Pro?Artist]
  • Improved AudioWarp to make recordings even more perfect [Pro?Artist]
  • New Scale Assistant in VariAudio makes pitch editing a breeze [Pro?Artist]
  • MIDI Remote integration for enhanced external device mapping [Pro?Artist?Elements]
  • Improved editing workflow to make hitting deadlines easier [Pro?Artist?Elements]
  • Audio to chords lets you focus even more on the music [Pro?Artist?Elements]
  • Sample Accurate Volume Automation [Pro?Artist?Elements]
  • Native Apple silicon support [Pro?Artist?Elements]
  • New flexible Steinberg Licensing [Pro?Artist?Elements]
  • A range of other tool and performance improvements [Pro?Artist?Elements]

Here’s a series of videos that offer an in-depth look at Cubase 12:

Pricing and Availability

Cubase Pro 12, Cubase Artist 12 and Cubase Elements 12 are available from resellers and through the Steinberg Online Shop.

  • The suggested retail price for Cubase Pro 12 is 579 euros or 579.99 US dollars.
  • The suggested retail price for Cubase Artist 12 is 329 euros or 329.99 US dollars.
  • The suggested retail price for Cubase Elements 12 is 99.99 euros or 99.99 US dollars.