Name: chr15
Location: Leipzig/Germany
started writing: 1998
At the age of 12, I noticed a large chrome lettering on a canopy near my school. Those were years
full of fun and friendship, during which I hardly developed style-wise. Only through my crewmate
Aser I realized how much art can be behind graffiti and that boundaries are there to be broken.
Today we run a graffiti company together and paint far beyond style writing. like to paint a wall
alone, but am always happy about well-thought-out concept walls with colleagues.
But of course, letters are my passion and since 2012 I’m working on my style under the name
CHR15. On the one hand, I’m interested in the classic New York approaches and on the other hand a
modern, clean touch. often and gladly combined with characters.
I like to paint a wall alone. In this way, I can completely let myself go in the situation. 90 percent of
my walls are (mostly except for the character) freestyle. But I am always happy about well-thought-out concept walls with colleagues. The graffiti community is quite important to me, which is why I
try to create a platform for the community through our blog and give
something back. For example in the context of our festival 2020, digital goodies and always an open
Shout out to my crew – SHK / NSC96 , SIROM, FABIAN, TeamMadFlava, OSTcrew and everybody evolving style writing further

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