Getting Started With The New Tiptop Audio & Buchla Eurorack Modules

In their latest video, Wes from Perfect Circuit takes a look at the new Tiptop Audio & Buchla Eurorack modules.

These module recreate classic Buchla 200 Series Electric Music Box designs from 1970. The originals are now rare and expensive, but the new versions are updated to use the popular Eurorack format and designed to be mass-produced, so the prices start around $160 per module.

Perfect Circuit notes, “These aren’t simply ‘inspired by’ Buchla designs—these are actual Buchla 200 circuits, modified to accommodate the format-specific requirements of Eurorack, such as voltage levels, power supply, connection types, and of course, they are modified in layout to fit into a standard 3U Eurorack rack space. Otherwise, these are as close as you can get to the real deal.”

If you want to read more about the new modules, check out Perfect Circuit’s article on the Tiptop Audio + Buchla 200 Series Eurorack Modules.

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