I can’t tell if I love or hate this utterly bizarre computer mouse concept

You may have heard that Apple has just released a brand new Magic Mouse, but we may have already found a design that’s even better. Yamaha has released a musical instrument/vehicle motor hybrid computer mouse, and we can’t tell if we love it or hate it because it’s so weird. 

The ‘Two Yamahas One Passion’ mouse takes inspiration from brass musical instruments and motor vehicles to create this almost surreal-like mouse design. With its bright golden structure and finger pads, it’s probably the weirdest computer accessory we’ve ever seen. Looking for a new mouse but aren’t keen on Yamaha’s design? Check out our roundup of the best USB-C mice.

Yamahadesignlab shared the mouse on its Instagram page. Yamaha has explained that “Using a wind instrument as a motif, an instrument designer has shown the flow of electrons like the flow of air, that more intuitively convey what kind of processing is going on inside the structure. It has a feel of an analogue tool, the click being like a piston valve pushing the air out”.

The bizarre computer mouse designed by Yamaha

We kind of love the design (Image credit: Yamaha)

I can’t tell if I love this design or not. At first glance, the mouse looks a little garish with bright gold piping and large round finger pads as the clickers. On the other hand, the design is totally original and now I’d really like to feel what a ‘piston valve’ clicker would feel like in the hand. (Wouldn’t you?)

If the mouse ever goes on sale then we’d love to give it a try, but just in case it doesn’t then why not treat yourself to the best mouse available in 2022. Or if you have a Mac then check out our roundup of the best Apple Mouse deals

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