Get SmartSoundFX Starter Pack For FREE (Or Donate To The Ukrainian Red Cross)

A Sound Effect offers the SmartSoundFX Starter Pack, which includes over 1,000 sound effects, for FREE (with attribution) for a limited time. You can also download the collection at 10% of its original price (without attribution), in which case all proceeds go to the Red Cross in support of Ukraine.

The SmartSoundFX Starter Pack includes free sound effects for a variety of uses. It contains animal calls and noises, foley, weapons, magic, machines and Sci-Fi, explosions, background noises, and much more.

There’s enough sample content to cover a wide range of video and audio production needs for movies, TV shows, games, and more. All content is organized into folders for easy browsing.

You can download the SmartSoundFX Starter Pack for free via A Sound Effect and use it in your projects with attribution (including a link to their website).

A Sound Effect also gives you the option to purchase the SmartSoundFX Starter Pack at 90% off, which allows you to use it commercially without any attribution required. All profit goes to the Red Cross’ Ukraine support campaign.

Here’s more info from A Sound Effect:

“We’re absolutely horrified and saddened by what’s happening in Ukraine, and we’re now launching this initiative in support of the Ukrainian people: Thanks to the generosity of SmartSoundFX, we are able to give you their Starter Pack – featuring 1000 premium sound effects – for free with attribution. You can also buy it at 90% off without any attribution requirements (all proceeds go to the Red Cross in support of Ukraine).”

If you’d like to make a more significant contribution, you can buy more copies of the pack: there is no limit on it.

Note, if PayPal does not work in your country, you can donate directly to the Red Cross and contact A Sound Effect to get the premium library. The download size for this library is about 5 GB.

If you like this sound library, you can try out the other products available at A Sound Effect’s website. You can get anything from a sound pack dedicated to the Porche Macan S 3.0 V6 to Residential Seagulls (which is exactly what it sounds like).

This giveaway is a great way for aspiring sound designers and producers to get started with high-quality sound effects, while also helping victims of the ongoing war.

More info: SmartSoundFX Starter Pack

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