The 10 Best Trap Drum Kits for Booming Beats

Trap drum kits have such a distinct drum sound that evolved out of the underground scene in Atlanta—the booming bass of car subs and club speakers are why trap producers gravitated to the subby and huge sounds of the 808.

Today, most trap producers use trap drums that are based on the sound of the original TR-808 drum machine—with a ton of modification of course.

808 kicks, bass hits, snare, hats all have evolved through various sound design processes into the loud, slamming trap drums you hear in trap music today.

But, not everyone has the time or technical know-how to make modern trap drums—that’s why many producers use expertly crafted trap drum kits to ensure their sound is up to par.

In this article, we’ll identify 10 of the best trap drum kit sample packs to help you make your next trap hit!

Let’s get started.

Drill is a special sub-genre of trap music that came out of the Chicago underground—it’s known for its heavy use of grating hi-hats, complex rhythms and punchy 808s.

Drill is known for its heavy use of grating hi-hats, complex rhythms and punchy 808s.

Drill Trap drums definitely does not disappoint, offering a wide selection of crunchy hi-hat sounds, fat kicks and chunky 808s.

Our favorite sample from the pack: ESDTD_drill_trap_full_drum_loop_140_drop it

Trap Drums from Elemental Sound is a glossy trap drum kit with high production quality kicks, 808s, snares and more.

If you’re looking to make beats that are inspired by chart-topping trap hits, definitely give this pack a try.

Our favorite sample from the pack: ESTD_Trap_Full_Drum_Loop_130bpm_Antidote

Here’s another great drill-inspired pack, because why not?

In Drill Trap Beat Starters, you’ll find tons of inspiration, drum loops and of course plenty of expertly crafted trap drum samples.

If coming up with Drill-style trap beats is a challenge for you, stop here to get inspired.

Our favorite sample from the pack: LANDR_DTB_HiHat_03_140bpm

Explosive is definitely a good way to describe the way some trap drums sound.

This trap sample pack is all about that heat, with tons of fiery loops and drum hits.

Our favorite sample from the pack: JSH_Blvck_Top_Loop_135BPM

Lo-fi trap has some unique characteristics that demand a certain set of drum sounds.

Specifically, lo-fi trap drums often use crunchier, filtered, saturated and warbling sounds associated with cassette tape recordings.

Trap Cassette Drum Kits is perfect for creating lo-fi trap vibes on the drums, so definitely give this pack a look if you’re making lo-fi trap.

Our favorite sample from the pack: ESTCD_Trap_Cassette_Drum_Kit_4_Full_Loop_160bpm_Neptune

Smoky studios, neon lights and heavy hitting drums best describe the Smoked Trap Drum Kit sound.

Evoking the drums sound of major artists like Drake and Migos–this is pack shines particularly bright.

Our favorite sample from the pack: ESSM_trap_full_drum_loop_120_matter of slime

Here’s a shiny, dripping trap drum kit from Elemental Sound.

In this pack, you get tons of inspiring loops and a ton of high-production-value drum sounds.

Our favorite sample from the pack: ESDK_trap_full_drum_160_sip n juice

If you’re looking for a more unique, video game-inspired sound—check out 8-Bit Trap Drum Kit.

A more unique, video game-inspired sound.

The kit features highly processed drums with a particular emphasis on bit crushed kicks, snares, hats and crashes.

Our favorite sample from the pack: ES8B_8bit_trap_full_drum_loop_140_badboi

The Interstellar Kit is a bit more than just a trap drum kit—it’s a full construction kit that serves as a great place for inspiring new beats with full track loops.

This is a huge sample pack, so don’t be afraid to be specific with the sounds you’re looking for.

Our favorite sample from the pack: SHAKERLOOP3_114bpm

If you still haven’t found a sample pack that fits your taste, here’s a more low-key, slightly emo trap-inspired trap drum kit.

Zaza Trap is all about those new sounds and styles in trap and it’s an inspiring starting point for your next track.

Our favorite sample from the pack: ZAZA_TRAP_Drum Loop_01_143BPM