Bitwig Studio 4.2 Now Available

Bitwig has announced that Bitwig Studio 4.2 is now available.

Bitwig Studio 4.2 adds a suite of effects, including new choruses, flangers, phasers and more.

Here what they have to say about each of the new effects:

  • Chorus+ Characters
    • CE – A synth-style friend, with different tone inspirations
    • DD – Subtle, 80s, and coming from all sides
    • 8v – Eight voices swirling thru caverns of feedback
    • x2 – Classic voice doubling circuit
  • Flanger+ Characters
    • DP – That digital, scrapy cousin who chews up sound
    • MX – A firm, pedal-style classic
    • TFX – Smooth and sparkly, with some edge
    • WA – Stronger, but subtly delicate
  • Phaser+ Characters
    • GS – Our spikey #1 friend
    • EHx – Classy and smooth, with silky motion
    • MX – A raspy devil, but solid
    • MF – Pleasantly greasy and deep

Bitwig Studio 4.2 also adds a new sound package, Notes in Motion, that showcases the new sound design possibilities with Note Grid. The Notes In Motion package includes 30+ patches that generate music, reimagine arpeggiators, sequencers and note repeaters, and offer modular drum interfaces, and more.

You can load them into your Instrument track as Note Grid presets (these have a blue Note FX icon) and feed the output of processed notes into the Instrument of your choice.

See the Bitwig site for details.