Frequency Central Intros Berlin School Sequencer For MU, Eurorack Formats

Frequency Central has introduced Berlin School – a new step sequencer, inspired by German electronic music of the 70s, that’s available in both Eurorack and MU formats.

Berlin School is based around a 16F1765 PIC controlling the classic CD4017 Johnson counter chip, which provides a few novel features:

  • Onboard clock division: /1, /2, /3, /4, /5, /6, /7, /8 (integers)
  • External voltage control of clock division
  • Quantized output (chromatic)
  • Quantized manual transpose (chromatic)
  • Quantized voltage controlled transpose (chromatic)
  • 4 step / 6 step / 8 step options

Frequency Central says that Berlin School is has several features tailored to interactive tweaking:

  • You can externally control the length of each individual step via the DIV.CV input socket, by using another CV source, such as another Berlin School, an LFO, or even a sample and hold module – so any step can last for any clock length from 1 through to 8.
  • You can externally control transposition of Berlin School via the TRANS.CV input socket, by using an external controller, such as another Berlin School (running at a slower speed), a 1V/oct keyboard (love this!), of any other CV source such as Little Melody for example.
  • You can also do both of the above manually by using the DIV knob and the TRANSPOSE knob.
  • You can change eaisily notes for each step in real time, since notes are quantized.

Pricing and Availability

Berlin School is available now in Euro format for £160.00, and in MU format for £275.00. DIY options are also available.