THERE and UNITY’S “Ruining Skateboarding” NYC Premiere Photos

The first stop of THERE and Unity’s Ruining Skateboarding tour went down earlier this week in New York. The sub-40-degree weather couldn’t stop everyone from rolling out, skating together and witnessing Jessyka Bailey get surprised with her first pro deck. Roses flew, bottles popped and everyone got a small glimpse of the good times to come. The next stops are SF, LA, Seattle and Vancouver. We’ll see you THERE. Until then, check the flicks from the first premiere in the Big City. —Ashley Rehfeld

Photos by Norma Ibarra

ThereNY 1What better place to kick things off? Tompkins, we love you—even when you’re freezing

ThereNY 2Right out the gate, Jackie Michel hops the barrier. Ripping runs in the family

ThereNY 3Style icon Kien Caples made it out

ThereNY 4Don’t know Donovan Wildfong? You will. Backside flip

ThereNY 5Beauty and The Beast, Briana King and Chandler Burton

ThereNY 6Take note of the form, Sav Headden soars over the barrier

ThereNY 7Arin, Cass and Jackie staying warm 

ThereNY 8THERE video editor Leo Bañuelos caught in front of the camera

ThereNY 9The underground king of New Jersey James Pitonyak with New York’s newest resident, tastemaker and tattoo artist Nadair Asghari

ThereNY 10Jennifer aka 666fruitmami adds to the box’s disintegration with a noseslide

ThereNY 11Heard one foots are coming back. Kat Sy did too

ThereNY 12Everyone wins at a Unity meetup

ThereNY 13Jeffrey Cheung and Gabriel Ramirez, skate power couple

ThereNY 14Unity meetup—see ya at the next one

ThereNY 15It’s officially happening. THERE is on the marquee!

ThereNY 16The pre-show excitement

ThereNY 17Una, Jackie and Dayana sample from every bit of the nutritional pyramid—popcorn, beer and G&T

ThereNY 18Dinner AND a movie: Cass, Leo, Arin, Cass and Brianna

ThereNY 19It all starts with friendship. The editor and the filmer Leo Bañuelos and Rey Choto 

ThereNY 20Over in the VIP section we got Kien, Chandler, Marbie and Rey. Now let’s start the show!

ThereNY 21The video was an obvious hit, but that’s not all we came for. Jessyka, Jaime Reyes has a surprise for you!

ThereNY 22The first glimpse always tears ya up

ThereNY 23And the crowd goes wild!

ThereNY 24“I love you. No, I love you”

ThereNY 25All in all, it was a great video and an incredible weekend, only made better by the fact we can say Jessyka Bailey is pro as fuck!!! We’re so proud of you. Now come out and join this crew on the West Coast!