Best Service releases Real Handpan Virtual Instrument

Best Service has introduced Real Handpan is a new virtual instrument, created in collaboration with handpan pioneer Wolfgang Ohmer.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

“This detailed replica of a handpan offers you all important playing techniques to compose amazingly realistic melodies and rhythms.

The original instrument is tuned in D minor, accordingly the percussive sounds are predominantly in the key of D, while all basic playing techniques such as sustain can be played chromatically.

In addition to an accurately sampled instrument, the library offers six pad sounds especially crafted for the Real Handpan. You can use these sounds individually or in combination with the instrument’s original sound to support played melodies and harmonies.

Thanks to built-in effects and modulation controls, Real Handpan includes powerful tools for sound design. Create exciting ambiences using the delay, filter, EQ and reverb and change the sound of the Handpan with just a few clicks.”

Here’s the official video intro:


  • Detailed, virtual replica of a handpan
  • Recorded and performed by handpan pioneer Wolfgang Ohmer
  • Contains all important playing techniques for authentic melody and rhythm parts
  • Six switchable pad sounds, four of which are organic and two synthetic
  • Modulation options and effects: Delay, Filter, EQ and Reverb
  • Free Player ENGINE 2 included

Pricing and Availability

Real Handpan is available now for €/$ 49 as a download from Best Service and authorized resellers.