Squarp Hapax Sequencer Hands-On Review

Loopop host Ziv Eliraz shared his review of the Squarp Hapax sequencer and, as always, his review is detailed, hands-on and though-provoking.

The Hapax is intended to be a professional step sequencer that can be used as the ‘brain’ of your studio or live performance rig. It can handle up to a million notes and events; has MPE compatibility; offers input and output via DIN MIDI, USB MIDI & CV/Gate; features more than 180 physical controls; supports saving and loading to SD cards and more.

If that makes you want to know more about what the Hapax can do, Eliraz has you covered. In his 45 minute video, he covers the key features of the Hapax, how you can use it with all types of gear, digs into the sequencer’s unique functionality, and shares his thoughts on the pros and cons of the device.

Check it out and share your thoughts on the Hapax in the comments!

Topics covered:

0:00 Intro
1:00 Overview
5:35 Connectivity
6:50 Setup
8:55 Workflow
11:55 Live mode
12:15 Scales
13:30 Chord mode
14:40 Drum pads
14:50 Hold & relatch
16:30 Step mode
17:30 Roll & math
18:20 Param locks
19:05 Learn
20:55 Loop points
21:30 Shortcuts
22:40 Automation
24:40 Global LFOs
25:05 The Matrix
26:05 MIDI FX
28:20 Algorithms
31:40 Patterns
32:45 Section, song
34:00 Track transpose
34:40 Projects
35:40 Snapshot
36:40 Settings
37:45 Rec settings
38:35 Pros & cons
43:50 Outro