Ever wondered what your thoughts look like?

We know what you’re thinking, you’ve seen the headline and are suddenly terrified we’ve shifted into some dystopian horror-scape, right? Don’t worry – we promise it’s not as dark as it sounds, but this brand new interactive test allows you to download an artist’s impression of what your thoughts look like. 

The test has been created by Knack and the psychologists at the University of Brussels and is aptly called ‘Thinking In Colour’. The aim of the quiz is to show you what your mind might look like and to challenge your way of thinking. The test asks you 15 simple questions and can then tell you about your creativity, flexibility, open-mindedness and empathy. If you’re loving this quiz and fancy creating your own 3D model of your mind, then check out our roundup of the best 3D modelling software

THe results from the Thinking In Colour test

I’m not sure how to feel about my results (Image credit: Knack)

According to the test website, “Thinking In Colour is a test that examines how black and white your thinking is”. If you’ve always wondered what colour and shape your mind is (because who hasn’t, I guess?) then you’re in luck, as the results of your test will be able to show you a rotating 3D render of what your thoughts look like. 

Your shape can be anything from a rainbow coloured lump to a monochrome ball of spikes – it’s all dependent on you and your answers. Then once you have your shape, you can scroll through the bottom of the page and download your results as a photo or a gif. 

To complete the test, just head straight over to the Thinking In Colour website and answer your 15 questions. If you’d then like to take it one step further and create your very own 3D mind models, then check out our list of the best laptops for 3D modelling and get creating. 

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