David Langston’s “Homage” Roger Part

  • 3/14/2022

    Roger’s “R11VM” Video

    Roger's "R11VM" Video

    The Roger crew is back, riding some video-mag vibes and flying down TX’s tallest ditches and overpasses. The cameos alone are worth the watch.

  • 3/09/2022



    Throngs of skate enthusiasts descended upon the Control Room in Austin, TX, to celebrate No Comply skateshop’s 15-year anniversary. There was even a big surprise for two of the attendees. Who were they and what was it, you might ask? You gotta scroll to find out, yo.

  • 8/26/2021

    ROUGH CUT: Roger’s “Cold Brew” Video

    ROUGH CUT: Roger's "Cold Brew" Video

    Max Taylor, Ryan Thompson, Garrett Young and the Rogers battle out some of the best bangers Austin’s ever seen with a splash of hype from the locals.

  • 8/03/2021

    Share’s “Isthisreallyallwegot” Video

    Share's "Isthisreallyallwegot" Video

    Brandon Ly and the Share squad charge ledges and show the heart of Houston in all its gritty glory.

  • 6/07/2021

    Roger Skateboards’ “Cold Brew” Video

    Roger Skateboards' "Cold Brew" Video

    Down in Austin the Roger rippers serve a heavy jolt by way of Ryan Thompson’s ungodly pop, Reese Barton’s cannonball commitment and much, much more. Sip on this.