FLAME WFK – I am a graffiti artist from Bogota, the capital of Colombia. I started painting as a child in 2007and now I belong to the WFK crew.

I am inspired by the graffiti school that has been painting for more than thirty years and whose style remains fresh, without a doubt the wild style, they are my great reference and names like Seen, Ces, Bates, Tats Cru, Dondi among many others that have inspired me in this game for the last 15 years.

In the last few years, graffiti in my city has grown out of control and it is increasingly difficult to stand out and find spots to paint, so I decided to put more effort in my sketches and actions to stand out by style and not only by quantity.

I like to be in constant evolution, in my sketches I write many words, I love alphabets, I like to experiment with colors, shapes, additions but always with coherence, that everything has a sense, I do not like to disguise a letter with colors or hundreds of additions, so the last years I do many negatives, a filler vinyl, a line with good contrast and that’s it, you do not need more for a good graffiti.

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