Nintendo’s new Switch controller concept could be what we’ve been waiting for

Fans have been speculating about the release of the rumoured Nintendo Switch Pro for years now. Time after time, Nintendo has denied plans for the elite gaming console, but we may just have just found some evidence about the highly-anticipated device. 

A user on Twitter has shared a screenshot of one of Nintendo’s filed patents. The patent is for an elaborate Switch controller that looks somewhere between the Switch Pro controller, the N64 controller and the Switch Lite console. If you’re excited about the rumoured Switch Pro and want to hear about all the latest updates, then make sure you bookmark our roundup of all the info you need about the Nintendo Switch Pro

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The patent was shared by user SillyTweet5 over on Twitter with a short description of the controller. Unfortunately, it doesn’t say a lot about which console the controller is for, in fact, it only really talks about the ‘housing’ and the batteries in the device. (Nintendo 1, us 0). 

The design is quite peculiar though as it only has a control pad and a set of A, B, X  and Y buttons. The Switch and Switch OLED in handheld mode, as well as the Switch Lite and Switch Pro controller, have at least two joysticks so it’s interesting to see that it only has two sets of controls like this. Perhaps it’s a patent for a mid-level controller, that’s more like a large Joy-Con. Or even better, perhaps it makes use of the gyroscope-style control where moving it will act as movement on the screen. 

Either way, we’re unsure when we’ll learn more about the new Switch controller, but we’ll be keeping our fingers crossed for it to arrive with a Switch Pro console. If you can’t wait for the Switch Pro to drop (if it ever does that is), then make sure you check out our roundup of the best Nintendo Switch Deals. 

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