Behringer CS Mini Is Like A Cross Between A Yamaha CS-80 & A Korg Volca

Behringer today shared this teaser image for the CS Mini, an analog synth that they say is inspired by the Yamaha CS-80, but in the Korg Volca-like body of their ‘Soul’ series synthesizers.

Here’s what they shared about the CS Mini:

“What about we’d manage to get an authentic CS80 voice into this little box, with MIDI and motion sequencer, perhaps even 3-note polyphony.

This is a design proposal only but we think it would be possible to build this jewel for US$ 99 retail.”

While Behringer positions the CS Mini as ‘an authentic CS80 voice’, its controls suggest that it will be more like a limited version of half of a CS-80 voice.

Behringer calls this ‘#hardvaporware’, like their other recent introductions, because problems getting parts to put their new designs into production.